• Dinner is Served

    The best cigar dinners are set out with this in mind, of course, and the chef, wine and cigar sommeliers will have sat down to several tense meetings about what is served and how and with what. The id...

  • Cigar Yoga

    Cigar Yoga

    Sometimes the world gets on top of you. There’s always something to feel bad about, right? If you were Neolithic man, it was finding enough to eat and turn into the latest haute couture. ...

  • What’s in Your Diary?

    Sautter are not a bunch of Resolutionists, on the whole. We prefer to live our lives as best we can at all times rather than rely on a self-help reboot on January 1. However, as a line in the sand, it...


Sautter, the world renowned London Cigar store, was founded over 50 years ago in the heart of fashionable Mayfair. Sautter has earned an enviable reputation in the world of cigars for aged and vintage Cuban cigars which makes it a magnet for lovers of exceptional cigars.

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