• All Who Wander Are Not Lost

    All Who Wander Are Not Lost

    Relentlessly pushing onward in one’s life is both necessary and slightly alarming. We mark the passage of time with birthdays, Christmas celebrations, annual traditions, sporting finals. Yet it seem...

  • Dortmund


    As promised, a little more detail this week on what it’s like to visit a cigar trade show. A tobacco trade show to be more precise; and to narrow down the field to a precise point, the InterTabac in...

  • How to Launch a Book

    How to Launch a Book

    A whirlwind tour, a book launch, a tobacco tradeshow, a bad back and not much sleep – a diary of how (or maybe how not, who knows?) to launch a book....

About Sautter

Sautter, the world renowned London Cigar store, was founded over 50 years ago in the heart of fashionable Mayfair. Sautter has earned an enviable reputation in the world of cigars for aged and vintage Cuban cigars which makes it a magnet for lovers of exceptional cigars.
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