Vegas Robaina

Don Alejandro Robaina is renowned by cigar aficionados everywhere as one of the best tobacco farmers in the famed Vuelta Abajo of Cuba. The Robaina family have farmed their precious vegas sinced 1845 and each year, 80% of Don Alejandro’s tobacco harvest is deemed fit for use as wrapper leaf for Cuban cigars (compared to only around 35% for other plantations). In 1997, Habanos SA honored the man who adorns the boxes by launching a new line of cigars bearing the name of his famous farmland as a tribute to the legendary ability of the Robaina family. Vegas Robaina cigars, made in Havana at the former H. Upmann Factory, have quickly become popular among cigar aficionados. Don Alejandro has, himself, become a celebrity in the world of Cuban cigars, with many aficionados and tourists in Cuba flocking to his farm at Cuchillas de Barbacoa in the San Luis region of the Vuelta Abajo to meet the man himself and see his tobacco vegas.

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