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Please note that our In-store Cigar Trainings are unavailable due to COVID-19 until further notice.


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Our 2020 sessions include;

  • Introduction to cigars
  • History of Cuba and the Cuban cigar industry
  • An overview of tobacco growing and maturation process
  • History of the UK cigar trade
  • Development of cigar sizes
  • Cigar manufacture
  • EMS: history and introduction of EMS STAMP
  • Aging cigars
  • Quality of aged Cuban cigars
  • How to look after cigars and correct way to keep them
  • How to cut and light cigars
  • Band on or band off?
  • Ash

To take away, we will give you:


  • Coffee/tea and pastries for breakfast
  • A Cuban mini cigar for the morning session
  • 4 Cuban cigars to allow you to continue your education
  • Sautter cigar cutter and lighter
  • Cigar portfolio book
  • Sautter cigar notes on the Havana Cigar Brands
  • The Sautter Cigar Training “Homework” – a suggested list of cigars to help you continue your education.


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