Let's Look Forward

Let’s Look Forward

Even just a read back through these blogs is a telling comment on our times. The last year has been unlike any that we have ever seen. Every time we thought we had this virus in check, it has come

We Soldier On...

We Soldier On…

There's light at the end of the tunnel. It’s only a pin prick, and it’s a bloody long tunnel, but there’s daylight ahead and we’re steaming towards it. Sautter recognises this situation has affected everybody, in greater or lesser ways,

Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

Batten down the hatches, pull up the drawbridge; lockdown the sequel (Revenge of the Bog Roll Snatcher) is upon us. Never fear, intrepid cigar lover. Sautter has you covered, Even if its famous doors on one of the world’s most

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

There’s still a great deal of uncertainty, but one thing is for sure – humans are nothing if not resourceful. With the advent of lockdown, the internet really came into its own, didn’t it? Those with shares in Zoom looked

End Of The Beginning

End Of The Beginning

So how are we doing out there, cigar fans? These strange times continue to drag on, and although the ground in front of us is gradually shifting all the time, it’s unfamiliar terrain all the same and every step we

Love In The Time Of The Corona

Love In The Time Of The Corona

I wonder what the cigar world will look like post-Corona? Hopefully those terraces and lounges large enough will be allowed to re-open, given that the need to socially distance looks likely to be with us for months to come.

Look How Far We've Come

Look How Far We’ve Come

So much has changed in such a short space of time. It’s discombobulating, for sure, but it’s also strangely exciting; to see, for example, how nature has poured seamlessly back in to fill the void that we have left in

Keep On Truckin'

Keep On Truckin’

So how are you faring, Sautter family? We are neck-deep in lockdown and with little sign yet of any glimmer of light at the end of a very dark, very dangerous tunnel.

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