English Summertime is forever linked with the sound of leather on willow. Whether you love or can’t stand the intrinsically British pastime of cricket, there’s no denying that the sound of bat on ball and the gentle ripple of applause

Dinner is Served

Have you ever been to a cigar dinner? They pop up every now and then and are, in general, an opportunity to be leapt upon as the wolf falls upon the lamb. The chance to gather with an intimate number

What’s in Your Diary?

Sautter are not a bunch of Resolutionists, on the whole. We prefer to live our lives as best we can at all times rather than rely on a self-help reboot on January 1. However, as a line in the sand,

Summer Smokes

Summer Smokes

The past weeks have been a blast from the past. Summers like these only existed when we were kids right? When teachers at school took pity on you on hot days and allowed you to work outside on the grass.

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